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Shopping And Dining Center

Time:2021-01-07 11:28:10 Popularity: Source:HABET

       Food and beverage waste is a kind of waste formed by residents in the process of life consumption. Its sources are mainly restaurants, cantons, street snacks and other places. The organic substances contained in it are easily corrode in summer. The contents of food waste such as leftover soup and rancid water are very large, which are easy to cause pollution in the process of garbage collection and transportation. At the same time, food and beverage waste is the main source of leachate in landfill sites, which is also an important reason for air pollution and fly breeding. The flow of swill oil to the market has seriously endangered the health of citizens. HABET can provide sustainable solutions; Moreover, the disposal system does not need manual handling and transportation, which turns waste food disposal into an important environmental resource, and also improves the working environment of employees and cleaning personnel. Operating and maintenance costs are greatly reduced and investment costs are compensated.
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