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Major Cruise

Time:2021-01-07 11:28:32 Popularity: Source:HABET

       Cruise industry, supported by large luxury cruise ships, is a complex industry composed of transportation, tourism, catering, shopping and other industries. Most of the food waste from short trips, contaminated dirty water, human waste and other garbage and appendages end up in the ocean. With the development of the cruise industry worldwide and the increase of the number of international cruise ships, their activities at sea pose a deadly threat to the environment. This situation has prompted action by the international community to establish an international maritime organization and an international legal system.
       HABET's complete clean technology solutions meet all cruise ship waste disposal needs, including vacuum collection, waste-water treatment, household and kitchen waste management. The product portfolio includes vacuum piping systems,destructor, biological sludge treatment units, drying equipment, other waste compression equipment, and kitchen waste disposal units -- all designed for cost-effective installation and maintenance.
       HABET's closed garbage piping system can meet the needs of cruise ships, saving space and improving comfort.
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