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Residential Community

Time:2021-01-07 11:27:18 Popularity: Source:HABET

  With the continuous progress and development of the society, the sources of garbage become more and more extensive. Among them, the garbage produced by the residential area can not be ignored, and the disposal methods of garbage are various, of course, there are also shortcomings and defects to a certain extent. At present, the garbage produced in the residential area is mainly collected manually and cleared by garbage truck. People and garbage share elevators, causing health management problems, easy to cause the spread of germs; It causes the dripping of garbage along the stairways and walkways and causes secondary pollution to the environment. Scattered distribution points, increase the cost of cleaning and transportation; Collection and transportation links are complex, difficult to effectively unified management, waste of manpower and material resources.
  With solid waste solutions, HABET is able to create economically viable, more environmentally friendly systems for its customers. Pneumatic pipeline system can eliminate the disadvantages of traditional garbage collection. Greatly reduce labor costs, greatly reduce the cost of repetitive labor and human resources; Optimize the commercial and residential environment, upgrade the overall level, and increase the income from the sale or rental of buildings; Beautify the landscape, avoid the traditional dustbin/house to occupy the space, and provide more space environment for development. In the high-end residential area where land is precious, the initial investment cost of Huashine Brilliant Environmental protection pneumatic conveying system can be covered by income.
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