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Medical Institution

Time:2021-01-07 11:27:32 Popularity: Source:HABET

       In today's health care Settings, garbage collection is a priority. Hospitals around the world are working to improve patient safety and employee working conditions, reduce operating costs, and dramatically increase efficiency. However, this will not be easy to achieve when the beds each hospital staff has to deal with can produce up to 15kg of waste a day, especially against a backdrop of shrinking budgets and dwindling resources.
       HABET garbage pipeline collection system, can meet the transport of hospital dirty clothes, medical waste recycling treatment, domestic waste discharge collection and other requirements. Garbage pipeline transportation management system can fully realize garbage classification management, can expand more outlets according to user needs. According to the domestic hospital waste collection and transportation needs of independent research and development, more in line with the medical system usage habits and management requirements. The after-sales module adopts cloud system, timely reminding, real-time monitoring, timely meeting of spare parts, to ensure long-term stability of after-sales service.
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